Saturday, March 26, 2011

A-Z Oh the Places I Might/Should/Could/Will Go!

I spent a great deal of time at the airport yesterday. This is a reality of having kids with parents in separate states. Kid exchanges are overcomplicated and expensives. Yesterday we sent one kiddo to visit grandparents in the A.M., then had to leave because the next kiddo didn't come into town from their mom's house until four hours later. We could have wandered around the airport for 4 hours, but the parking fees are atrocious.

As a side note, we went to the mall and after reevaluating the financial damage from those 4 hours, it might have been less costly just to stay at the airport.

So anyway, back to the point. Aside from the outrageous parking fees, I actually love the airport. I love the feeling of people moving all around me, everyone is going somewhere. Most of the time if I am at the airport I am going somewhere that I want to go to do something that I want to do. There are a lot of great memories at airports picking up loved ones, being picked up by loved ones, landing in Jamaica for a fabulous week of sun, food and drinks. You get the idea.

I have been thinking a lot about what I should write about during the A-Z blog challenge and I was having so much trouble finding and idea that really fit with me. I even asked for ideas in an earlier blog. BTW - Thank you Sheila Siler for your ideas! Bottom line I felt like a sinking ship before I had even gotten the ship into the water. BUT...the airport, my shining beacon of happy thoughts got me thinking....Just where might I be in one year. Where could I be, where do I want to be, what might I be doing a year from now? And voila! My A-Z Blog was born, a list of places I could be, things I could be doing, events that might be happening one year from now.

I am super excited to get started and I have already started listing some of the ideas in my head. I need to get started on them before they escape and leave me forever. Ms. Shirley gave me some great ideas and one of them I actually really liked and had already come up with some ideas for, I am going to pepper my A-Z with "Excuses from my kids and husband", because really those are just to priceless not to commit to paper media.

Looking forward to a month long celebration of blogging with abandon! If you haven't already check out the A-Z monthlong blog challenge here!



  1. I can't wait to see your posts - and now I'm jealous of the idea. Seems so much better than mine :) See you April 1st!

  2. Thanks Sheila! I'm excited to keep tabs on yours as well! Thanks for reading my posts and promoting my blog! It's great encouragement and very much appreciated!

  3. Hi, I found you through the Blog Yard Sale going on at Sheila's (which by itself was a great idea - just as great at A-Z).

    I have joined that challenge as well. And I have looking for a few people to follow and I plan to follow you. Your idea about blogging for that month sounds interesting.

    Hope to "see you around" the A-Z blog Challenge. :-)

  4. I found you yesterday from the list of A-Z challengers.. I live in Cornwall, despite being not cornish I am planning to do a word a day of cornish.. to see how many people can see links to other languages particularly welsh... it is handy to have a gerva (dictionary) for this challenge :-)

  5. Enjoy the challenge! I look forward to seeing all the posts :) Lord knows I'll have enough time at the airport to do so!

  6. I love that you're going to join the challenge!!! That's why I stopped by actually! I'm stopping in to welcome you to the A-Z Blogging Challenge!!! I'm a co-host so should you need anything I'm here to help!! Feel free to stop by my blog to say hello or join us on Twitter (I'm @jenunedited)!!

  7. You do have a BEST DARN BLOG EVER! :)

    What a great idea for the A-Z challenge. I signed up for it awhile ago, but I will be in HAWAII for the first 11 days, but when I get back I will jump aboard and finish up the month. (I know that's cheating, but I don't want to take my laptop with me on my vacation. I want to just go and relax--find my writing mojo so when I get back from my trip, I can finish my WIP).

    I'm going to the airport and it's going to be AWESOME!