Monday, March 7, 2011

Champagne and Blogging

I feel like I need to write something today. It's been a weird but good day. I keep forgetting that it's Monday since Josh took the day off to celebrate "Dia de Los Joshos" AKA Josh's birthday. My husband is a funny and adorable man who appreciates all things family this means a few things.

1 - I always make his birthday cake (he says it's better than a store bought...I'm such a sucker)

2 - I always make him whatever he wants for dinner (again he says my cooking is better than a restaurant...double sucker)

Today he has asked for a few additional birthday treats:

1 - I need to play Guitar Hero. He doesn't play but he gets a kick out of watching Rianna and I play the songs that he loves. It's not that I mind, it's just that I find it so funny how much enjoyment he gets out of watching us play Guitar Hero. Every time I turn around he is putting whatever new Guitar Hero that is out in our Blockbuster queue. It's funny since he doesn't play the games and cute ...just because it is.

I had more to ramble on about, but I just got handed the guitar so I guess I'm done blogging for the moment.

Rock on peeps!! Ha ha!


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