Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The darndest things -

For your giggles:

DD: Some of the girls at my school wear thongs and they let them stick out. I will never wear a thong!

DS:  What's a thong?

Me:  It's underwear that goes up your butt.

DS:  OH - I have those!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Don't you just love it when

You realize your last blog was over a year ago...

I want to write about the Miley Cyrus debacle...who doesn't right? 

Everyday I get another dose of my aging reality - Miley Cyrus just provided me with another stunning moment in the game of "How on earth did I get so old?"

I did not watch the VMA's as they aired.  I was too busy entertaining myself by keeping up with all of my other favorite Sunday night shows.  But as it goes with most social train wrecks when I heard all the hub bub about Miley Cyrus's twerking all over TV, I of course was forced to do two things. 

First - I googled twerking.  After all one cannot make informed decisions about the goings on in the world without knowing the terminology.  Let me just say that I feel about the word "twerking" the same way I feel about other not-words like "ridic" and "cray-cray" really?  Is this how my great grandparents felt when they heard my grandparents say things like, "he's the bee's knees"?  Because truthfully every time I hear the word twerking - I throw up in my mouth a little.  Ick.

Moving on - the second thing I did was pull up Miley Cyrus VMA on You Tube.  Now I made two mistakes here the first one was that I forgot to turn down the volume...the second was that I watched this tragic display of twerking at work.  Yes...I know I'm an idiot.  At about 10 seconds in after Miley had pointed/grabbed/smacked her lady bits at least twice, I promptly hit stop and saved the experience for another more appropriate venue.

By the time I finally watched it, the expectation for disgust was high and all in all I think I was disappointed by the train-wreck.  It wasn't the horrific display that I had completely expected.  Don't get me wrong it was classless and gross but the thing that I saw more than anything else was ...sad. 

Of all of the people on that stage Miley had the least amount of pizzazz spunk and sparkle.  She came off as a desperate beggar - wanting to make a splash screaming to be noticed and being completely dominated by everyone and everything else on the stage.  I wasn't as much disgusted at the end as just sad.  Her act was forced her voice consistently waivered her outfit while barely there was still more than I have seen on some actresses - the vinyl bikini was actually modest by bathing suit standards of today - so I actually give her a few points there.  I just saw a girl fighting to be recognized and forcing her way into a mold that doesn't fit.  The irony of course is that she would say she is trying to break out of a mold that was thrust upon her.  I don't care about her status as a role model - I never really held her in high regard - but I am sad for the wisp of a woman that she is  - she wanted to be bold but her beauty was buried beneath the tinny whine of a desperate song.

I hope she finds herself soon.