Friday, March 4, 2011

Dear Diary hosted by Anna Reads

As if I haven't exposed myself enough, I have decided to participate in one of my favorite bloggers weekly events. The event is called Dear Diary and it's an opportunity for all of us adults to take a trip down memory lane into the minds of our younger tween/teen selves. Since I know my mom reads this she will probably get a big kick out of this! I skipped around a bit too make it more interesting. All of the punctuation (or lack of) is specifically copied from the journal as well. So here goes:


Dear Diary,

Today was very hectic! I did a lot of work it was pretty hard, but I managed. Well, my mom went to a party and a boy I really like came up and asked about me his name is _____. I really like him. Most people think he's a nerd but I don't. We're going over to his house tomorrow I can't wait! Anyway I think he likes me. No more "bye".

June 22, '89'

Dear Diary,

I don't think I've ever told you what I want to be when I grow up so I'll tell you now I want to become a famous writer or a poet. Writing interests me. I don't think the editing parts are very important though what you I think counts is what you write not how or what marks are written in it Th only think in my is is my sister it seems like shes got all the talent. I feel embarassed to write what I feel a lot I don't know why though. My sister shes a different story she says and writes what she feels. Me I get embarassed or I can't explain how I feel though.

I kind of got in the middle of a romance novel it seems like. You see *boy*(_____'s brother) or actually *girl* got upset at *boy* for some reason *girl* well she watches Beth, Tim and I sometimes. Well *boy* keeps asking me if she says anything about him. (She doesn't) *Boy* is really upset he likes *girl* a lot and she keeps brushing him off this romance novel is really sad I feel sad for *boy*!!<--(authors note - in my diary I turned the points of the exclamation marks into the eyes of a smiley face...oh so creative)!

Well now for my romance novel mine is happy but pittiful in some parts. I still like ____ a lot!!<--(Those exclamation points were hearts, that were also the eyes of a smiley face)
His is so sweet he kept looking at me and smiling. I have to tell you something else too. This nerd or more like GEEK followed me into the hall he was following me and he said so you think you can get away from me huh. What a GEEK!! I should've turned around and slapped him!! I DO NOT LIKE HIM AT ALL

I still take piano but with a different teacher, shes really nice!!<--(more smiley exclamations)

I'm going to have my period soon yuk. I'm really growing because now I have to wear a bra!! ick!! Well, I better go.


Things I've learned:

I had my own set of punctuation rules.

Uh, can someone say DRAMA QUEEN?! Wow. I'm trying to figure out why I wanted to slap the boy who followed me around and flirted with me. I'm a bit puzzled about how insulting I found that.

I thought about boys A LOT! I guess I knew that, but I'm terrified of what Rianna is thinking about.

I think it's cool I documented somewhere in my history that I wanted to be a writer. I also know where my habit of writing run on sentences began. Apparently, I still don't believe in editing or those silly punctuation marks.

Okay readers (all 9 of you, which is like 3 times what I had two days ago! WOOT) time to look into your diaries and take a trip down memory lane. If you post your diary entry on your blog send me a link so that I can share it!


  1. I didn't write in a diary when I was younger, which is kind of shocking to me since I loved writing. So, I don't have anything to share. Although, I used to have a bunch of letters and notes (Oh, how I loved writing notes! And folding them. Kind of the best part) that probably would have been really entertaining. I have no idea where those are. I probably threw them out in a cleaning purge I hate it when I do that!

    I just wanted to add that I thought this insight into younger Mandi was quite awesome! hehe

  2. Share - I am surprised that you didn't keep a journal!! And yes the folding was truly the best part of note passing!!!