Friday, April 8, 2011

G is for Gardening

I got a treat today.

Not the chocolate covered kind.

Not the kind that's alcoholic and comes in a box.

Not the kind that fills up my bank account (speaking of which...cross your fingers and toes that all in D.C. goes well tonight or my bank account will have no presents going into it on the 15th)

Nope, I got the wonderful shiny gift of sunshiny shininess.

I took my happy little errr...big butt outside and I gardened and pulled weeds like it was going out of style. It wasn't particularly warm, but every so often I would sit in the same place long enough that the sun's warmth would build up to a nice little kiss on my cheek or my back. I felt the earth between my fingers and inhaled all the wonderful scents that only come from being close to the earth. It reminded me that there are good things in Washington (aside from great friends and super Starbucks dates).

I've rambled about the wonders of Arizona, but there is one thing that sometimes feels impossible to do in AZ, and that's grow something!! OH don't get me wrong things will start to grow, but halfway through a beating summer all of the leaves on the plants have pretty much fried. It doesn't really seem to matter how often you water, it's just never enough. Here in Washington however, EVERYTHING grows. I can't stop things from growing! And for the most part it's pretty awesome. I love watching the leaves of plants push themselves out of the ground or unfurl on the long branch of my blueberry bush. I love the way the air gets so fragrant with blossoms that I could just sit outside and breathe deeply getting lost in the colors of everything I smell.

There is a very real possibility (assuming the government wheels can manage to keep themselves turning...which I know they will) that next year I won't be living in Washington anymore. I don't know where I will be, but wherever it is, I hope I can still find a patch of earth to grow things!


  1. alchohol that comes in a box. You crack me up

  2. I never got into gardening. I probably wouldn't be very good at it - brown thumb.

    But I really enjoy sitting in a garden. I don't kill anything if I just sit there and co-exist with the plants. :-)

  3. What a great blog...LOVE the title. I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

  4. Wish I could be there with you...we'd be drinking wine from a box while pulling weeds together. Ahhhhh nothing quite like mommy/daughter time, is there? xoxo

  5. CONGRATS!! You won WICKED LOVELY and INK EXCHANGE in my giveaway!! Thanks so much for entering!


  6. I'm not much of a gardener, I'm afraid.

    We moved into our home 7 years ago and at the time, no lived in it for almost two years. The landscape was retched. I busted my uhhh, big behind, pulling weeds, planting new plants and bushes and fixing this sucker up. Now, I'm burned out. It looks good--as long as you squint. Weeds drive me crazy and I can never keep up on them. Oh well.

    While you garden, I will sip lemonade on my patio and think about it ;)