Saturday, April 2, 2011

B is for Basking in Brilliance...

Did you ever have one of those "I think I misunderstood the assignment" moments? (Kudos and extra points of you can name that movie)

I totally had an A-Z Blog Challenge, assignment misunderstanding.

I was cruising through some A-Z Blogs and I came across one of the host's blogs and it said something along the lines of:

"Keep it short"


Well I wrote a short blog yesterday, but it was most definitely not my Blog Challenge Blog...oops.

I have a tendency to ramble and once I get on a topic I like I just go go's hard to stop. so now I know that I misunderstood the assignment, but I can't guarantee you that I will follow the directions. I have just never been much good at direction following. So I apologize in advance for almost following the directions, but I just can't help myself....

So...on with B...

B is for basking in sunshine. I'm into about the 14th day of rain and oppression in Washington, and this Arizonan is definitely not throwing her hands up in the air in jubilant gratitude. So I devote today's letter B blog to all of the places I could be basking in sunshine next year...

*Starts humming 'come on pretty mama'*...(Don't know you did too)
Boston (not always guaranteed sunshine, but it's gotta be better than WA)

The traveling to these places will of course be sponsored by the massive advance given me by a major publishing company after they fall head over heels in love with my novel and can't wait to get my work out into the mainstream for all to read. (Hey, a girl can dream...can't she?!)

Happy B-day, as in Blogging about B, Day! Or maybe B is for Blogging in which case it would be happy Blogday! Either way have a happy day!

B is for Ba-Bye!


  1. Great warm places... I am so over this winter and the first 10 days of spring. It's gotta dry out and warm up soon. I'm in PA!

    B is for Balance

  2. Would love it too, perhaps our book tours will coincide . . .

  3. Today in Utah we are basking in snow. It's beautiful and I love seeing all the trees covered in white. I enjoyed your blog.

  4. Yes I have problems keeping it short too. But short is a relative term I decided. My blogs are shot compared to the telephone book or the Bible.

    I am sure that is what they are talking about so we are fine! :-)

  5. I wonder what "short" is... When I try to write a story with 500 words or less, that's too short! Maybe we should have an exercise of blog writing using only 100 words... not sure I could do it!

  6. Someplace warm would be great, we had a big snowstorm on spring ever coming??!!
    I agree with "Retired Knitter", short is most definitely a relative term!!
    You have a wonderful blog and I'm now following on GFC. Looking forward to reading your next post!

    PS - I love your blog title!!