Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Don't you just love it when

You realize your last blog was over a year ago...

I want to write about the Miley Cyrus debacle...who doesn't right? 

Everyday I get another dose of my aging reality - Miley Cyrus just provided me with another stunning moment in the game of "How on earth did I get so old?"

I did not watch the VMA's as they aired.  I was too busy entertaining myself by keeping up with all of my other favorite Sunday night shows.  But as it goes with most social train wrecks when I heard all the hub bub about Miley Cyrus's twerking all over TV, I of course was forced to do two things. 

First - I googled twerking.  After all one cannot make informed decisions about the goings on in the world without knowing the terminology.  Let me just say that I feel about the word "twerking" the same way I feel about other not-words like "ridic" and "cray-cray" really?  Is this how my great grandparents felt when they heard my grandparents say things like, "he's the bee's knees"?  Because truthfully every time I hear the word twerking - I throw up in my mouth a little.  Ick.

Moving on - the second thing I did was pull up Miley Cyrus VMA on You Tube.  Now I made two mistakes here the first one was that I forgot to turn down the volume...the second was that I watched this tragic display of twerking at work.  Yes...I know I'm an idiot.  At about 10 seconds in after Miley had pointed/grabbed/smacked her lady bits at least twice, I promptly hit stop and saved the experience for another more appropriate venue.

By the time I finally watched it, the expectation for disgust was high and all in all I think I was disappointed by the train-wreck.  It wasn't the horrific display that I had completely expected.  Don't get me wrong it was classless and gross but the thing that I saw more than anything else was ...sad. 

Of all of the people on that stage Miley had the least amount of pizzazz spunk and sparkle.  She came off as a desperate beggar - wanting to make a splash screaming to be noticed and being completely dominated by everyone and everything else on the stage.  I wasn't as much disgusted at the end as just sad.  Her act was forced her voice consistently waivered her outfit while barely there was still more than I have seen on some actresses - the vinyl bikini was actually modest by bathing suit standards of today - so I actually give her a few points there.  I just saw a girl fighting to be recognized and forcing her way into a mold that doesn't fit.  The irony of course is that she would say she is trying to break out of a mold that was thrust upon her.  I don't care about her status as a role model - I never really held her in high regard - but I am sad for the wisp of a woman that she is  - she wanted to be bold but her beauty was buried beneath the tinny whine of a desperate song.

I hope she finds herself soon.


  1. Well said! And welcome back to blogging - I've missed you!

    1. Aww thanks Sheila! :) I have missed blogging and keeping up with my favorite bloggers! Working full time again has taken some getting used to - I have had to a lot of reprioritizing!! :)

  2. I couldn't agree more. What's just as sad is the fact that you know this wasn't something she drummed up. She has an agent and PR people, not to mention parents and others who are supposed to care about her. It's exactly what you said, desperate. The worst part is, Miley's remaining "crew" was a group of young girls whose mothers are so disgusted and outraged that she's likely ruined her career versus boosting it. I know my kids with their Hannah Montana pj's had a mom who seriously considered tossing those disturbing reminders of twerking in the trash. I'm sure she accomplished what her agent set out for her to do which was claim the top slots in media. Very, very sad.