Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An Honest Voice

In my last blog I touted the excitement I felt at the return of my muse.  Though it has been seven long months since my last post I have been writing (mostly consistently ;)) during that time.  I just haven't been writing blogs.  I am still coming to terms with some things as a blogger that are harder than I thought they would be.  One of my biggest concerns and questions has been how much information is too much information to share with the whole wide world? 

This question is very hard for me an multiple levels.  First as a writer I am constantly training my voice to be honest, even and especially when the honesty is hard to admit.  An honest voice gives comfort to readers.  We feel that our authors identify with us, we feel safe knowing that we are not alone in our feelings and insecurities, we want to hear more from those authors that speak to us in our own voices. 

An honest voice can also get you into trouble.  People over internalize, friends and family members believe that you are talking about them (and sometimes we are), our sincerity is not always the popular opinion.  Relationships are fractured, trust is broken and sometimes jobs are jeopardized or lost. 

One of my biggest issues lately has been the career issue and I question posting even the most inane things to blog because I wonder to myself, "can that be misinterpreted?"  The product of this uncertainty feels as harmful as the possibility that what I write might prevent me from getting hired.  I'm not sharing, I'm not connecting, I'm just a lurker in a world in which I want to participate.

As often happens for me when I begin writing one yarn of thought the solution tumbles out before me, bright, clear, and obvious.  The answer is common sense.  Candor might be hard to swallow at times, but a good helping of common sense can make all the difference in how the honesty is received.  Common sense will not assuage everyone's feelings, but in terms of posting things that may impact a future job prospect I choose to believe that it will help me to connect with the right job and keep me from getting into a relationship with an organization with which I would not click well. 

In terms of relationships common sense, ethical practice and general karma would dictate that we don't write intentionally hurtful things, we ask permission to share personal information and we do our best to protect the people we love by being honest with them on and off the page.


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