Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year...Same Me

It's 10 days into a brand new year and I wish that I could tell you I was full of vim and vigor to live differently, to be more wise and all of that other nonsense that goes with the seemingly pointless tradition of making New Years Resolutions. It's not that resolutions don't have a valuable place in this world, it's more that I find their best value is in breaking whatever resolution I made. These days I try more for daily resolutions than yearly resolutions, it makes it feel slightly more attainable and much less depressing when I break whatever resolution I have dedicated that 24 hours to...I can always go to be knowing that tomorrow I will wake up and I can just make the same resolution all over again. It's much less time consuming than having to wait a whole nother year to make another resolution that I am likely to break within the first week of the New Year.

So anyway, here I am, not doing what I should be doing, and doing what I know I shouldn't...essentially wasting time playing horrible facebook time killing games. It seems that the beginning of a new year should put some sort o f time urgent need to be diligently accomplishing the important things in life...but that just sends us back to the discussion about New Years Resolutions. And now that I am back where I started I find it necessary to stop and get back to the writing that I wake up every day promising myself I will do for myself because I love to do it, but for whatever reason keep putting off...delving into the why of that is another blog topic for another day. Happy New Year...I think...

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