Thursday, June 23, 2011

Art and other things

So my 30 seconds of time turned into about 30 days of not blogging or writing anything at all. Sometimes writing is like going to the gym, I know that I want to, I know that I will feel good about doing it, I know that I will be energized by it...and yet...sometimes it just seems like it requires far too much effort. I'm trying to get my groove back in the gym and in the creative hemisphere of my brain. I hope that my break was temporary and not some deeper indication of my inner sloth.

With all of that out of the way...I have other business to attend to, such as following through on my promise to feature the artists that I was introduced to during my online art festival back in May.

Rexcrisanto Delson directed me to artist Renee Reyes (click here to view her blog). This artist has some really interesting watercolors that portray simple moments in the everyday life of many different cultures. I think that I have often taken watercolors as a medium for granted. I think that I have too often dismissed watercolors as elementary art projects meant for refrigerator doors. Looking at Renee's work I was struck by the way that the fluidity of the watercolor medium turned these everyday moments into soft focus memories. One particular painting called "Travail du sol" caught my attention.

(Artwork retrieved from Renee' Reyes blog,

I like this painting because the artist captures the hard work of the moment, yet somehow the work is made beautiful by the simple fluidity of the watercolor medium. I thought it was interesting how the beauty of the painting did not diminish the effort of the work being done. I started reflecting on watercolor paintings of other artists and I found that artists using watercolors were often able to introduce an emotional gentility into their artwork that other mediums don't always allow.

I hope that you all will check out Renee' Reyes beautiful watercolors by clicking here. Thank you Rexcrisanto Delson for the suggestion!

I will feature the last artist that was recommended to me in the contest. His name is Josh Ashley and I will post some of his stuff up here in the coming weeks. If you want to check him out before then you can do so by clicking here. Stay tuned for that as well as some fun blogs about summer life with both steppies in the house. I am also going to have another giveaway, as a little apology for my lack of blogness in the previous weeks...I'm back and just as Wicked as ever!

Thanks for sticking with me!


  1. We'll take you whenever we can get you, you are worth the wait!

  2. Aww thanks Sheila, you totally just made my night! :)

  3. How did I miss this? Thanks so much for featuring Renee's art. Hope you're having a great summer so far.

  4. Great blog!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lola x